Six online Tools you will love when dealing with Documents

These handsome online tools will save you a lot of time when dealing with documents in different formats:

DjVu to PDF conversion

DjVu is a file format designed to help you store scanned documents. Most of the time the DjVu content will have line drawings, photos, indexed color images and text. So it does end up being very complex and it includes tech like image layer separation arithmetic coding, progressive loading and even lossy compression. What this does is it allows you to store images in a very simple and quite great place to begin with.

What you will like about it is that you do have the ability to store smaller images in here. You don’t have the highest quality images, however you can add compressed color and black and white images. Sometimes DjVu files will also have an OCR layer so you can use it to copy and paste text at your own convenience. DJVU is not a very popular format, so many times you will have to share this content with other people, which is why PDF can help. Use the DjVu to PDF converter if you need to convert this type of file fast and easy.

Free online XML to JSON conversion

XML is a markup language designed to define encoding rules for documents. The thing that really sets off XML is that its content is readable for both machines and humans alike. In addition, everything is created in an open standard. You will also be able to have arbitrary data structures and other great content in a comprehensive manner. But JSON Is focused on human readable text to transmit data objects. That makes it a lot more valuable, so it makes sense to transform your bare XML files into JSON, as this way you can execute data faster and in a meaningful way.

The XML to JSON converter provides you with fast and reliable conversion features. You can also do bulk conversions if you want, and everything is handled at a very high standard, professional level. You also get to have a very good work quality too, all of which adds up to astonishing results and benefits.

Make PDFs out of word documents

The DOC format is extremely popular but the problem with it is that even upon delivery it can see unfinished. That’s why you need to find a good document format that looks and feels more professional for a finished product. PDF makes the document feel more than just a draft. It also has a whole lot of multimedia features and added bonuses that you can use.

You can also use the DOC format to store just about anything you want. Be it pictures, graphs and tables, you can add all of those in there. And the interesting thing is that DOC files are created solely by Microsoft Word, yet you can use other applications to open it. Yet using PDF is a lot more convenient and as we mentioned earlier, you get to eliminate that feeling of just using a draft file instead of the real thing.

Compress images online

JPG is an extremely popular online format. Unfortunately lots of websites tend to use PNG files and other higher resolution file formats that end up eating a lot of server space. Not only do you run out of space quick, but your website ends up not loading as fast as possible. That’s why converting image files to JPG is a very good idea and here you will have the best way to do it. JPG is preferred online but at the same time it also makes it easier to keep a large collection of photos. You don’t want to purchase separate storage just so you can store thousands of images. With a fast compression to JPG you can do that in no time and with a really good efficiency.

Also, JPG is one of the few formats created with the idea of not losing quality during compression. You can adjust a tradeoff between the storage size and the image quality. You can also have a multitude of different formats too, which makes it extremely interesting and efficient at the same time.

Make images out of PDFs

Sometimes you will find it hard to show the PDF content that’s only comprised of images. It’s extremely hard to complete the task, and it might not work the way you want either. PDF is a complex format, it has text, images, it can also include vector graphics, fonts, not to mention raster images and so on. PDF was standardized as an open format in 2008 and it’s one of the most popular image formats online.

If you have only images in a PDF document, it does make a lot of sense to transform that file into smaller, different images files. It’s a very good idea because you can access each image individually. Otherwise you will have to access the entire PDF file and then scroll down to find the image in question. Transforming PDF files into images offers an elegant solution to this problem.

Online Epub to PDF conversion

EPUB is a great format for the mobile world. You don’t need lots of multimedia content when you just want to read a book. However, if you want to read it at a higher resolution you will need a dedicated EPUB reader on your device. So the best thing that you can do is to focus on converting EPUB to PDF. The reason is simple, PDF is a much better format for the higher resolutions and it can also work on just about any device.

Be it mobile or not, most devices will work with EPUB content, so that’s definitely something that you want to keep in mind. The best part when it comes to EPUB is that it has a set format. And the EPUB to PDF converter will retain the format.

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