Convert PDF to images: The best way to do it

Converting a PDF file to a JPG file is necessary if you want to insert the file into any document in the form of an image. This is not possible with a PDF file, but for example with a JPG file. But switching is not that easy.

PDF files are mainly used to send your own documents or images and to ensure that they cannot be edited or modified easily. For this reason, PDF files cannot be easily changed. But even if a conversion is difficult, it is still possible.

The following procedure allows you to convert individual pages of a PDF document to JPG format:

If you have a long PDF document and want to save individual pages as. jpg files, you can make a screenshot of the respective pages and then edit them. The Adobe Reader also has its own snapshot function. This will copy a selected area to the Clipboard. This is done from the Adobe Reader menu under the Edit sub-item and the Create snapshot option. You can also use the keyboard to create a screenshot using the [Print] button. Then paste the contents of your clipboard into any image editing program, such as paint. From there you can simply save the screenshot as a JPG file.

Convert a PDF to JPG with third-party programs.

If you want to edit not only individual pages, but an entire document, third-party programs help you. The website allows you to convert documents directly from your browser. Alternatively, you can easily convert from PDF to JPG with the program PDF 24 Creator, which you can download.

Online converters offer a good alternative: perhaps the easiest way to convert PDF to JPG or other image formats is to use the online converter. Here you only have to upload the PDF and get the result immediately. A good example is pdf to image .

And if you want to go the opposite way and convert images back to PDFs, the following page is the right approach: image to pdf .

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