How to simply edit a PDF document by converting it to Word

PDF is the standard format for document exchange because it can be created from almost any text program. But what if you want to edit a PDF with Word or LibreOffice?

The Portable Document format is an invention by Adobe that continues to create, edit, and read PDFs using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader software. But quite a few years ago the company released the format, which triggered a flood of alternative PDF software, and also led to almost every manufacturer of Office programs incorporating export and import filters into its products. This also applies to Microsoft, which, after some hesitation, integrated PDF into Word & Co., as well as for the communities around LibreOffice and OpenOffice. However, while the creation of PDFs is now easily possible, you encounter difficulties when importing and converting the format into editable text documents.

Online Converter:

A fast and good solution deliver online converter like . The generated PDFs show good formatting and the tool is also easy to use with PDFs that do not contain editable text. However, sometimes the whole process is a bit slow.
The offline Solution: Convert PDF to LibreOffice
LibreOffice also brings an import filter for PDF files. Since then you can use “file-> Open” to load and edit each PDF file in the text processing write. LibreOffice converts the format for this purpose to ODT. This takes several minutes for large, complex documents, but the result can be convincing: all elements were correctly recognized in the test, images and texts could be easily edited. Only drawback: LibreOffice treats the individual pages of the PDF as ODF drawings and saves the document in ODG format rather than as a write file. It is therefore often better to back up the PDF as a PDF file as well. LibreOffice brings a corresponding export function.
Alternatively, you can access an online tool to convert PDF to ODT.
If a conversion is necessary in the other direction, following PDF to DOC and PDF to DOCX converters deliver the solution:

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