Convert PDF to images: The best way to do it

Converting a PDF file to a JPG file is necessary if you want to insert the file into any document in the form of an image. This is not possible with a PDF file, but for example with a JPG file. But switching is not that easy.

PDF files are mainly used to send your own documents or images and to ensure that they cannot be edited or modified easily. For this reason, PDF files cannot be easily changed. But even if a conversion is difficult, it is still possible.

The following procedure allows you to convert individual pages of a PDF document to JPG format:

If you have a long PDF document and want to save individual pages as. jpg files, you can make a screenshot of the respective pages and then edit them. The Adobe Reader also has its own snapshot function. This will copy a selected area to the Clipboard. This is done from the Adobe Reader menu under the Edit sub-item and the Create snapshot option. You can also use the keyboard to create a screenshot using the [Print] button. Then paste the contents of your clipboard into any image editing program, such as paint. From there you can simply save the screenshot as a JPG file.

Convert a PDF to JPG with third-party programs.

If you want to edit not only individual pages, but an entire document, third-party programs help you. The website allows you to convert documents directly from your browser. Alternatively, you can easily convert from PDF to JPG with the program PDF 24 Creator, which you can download.

Online converters offer a good alternative: perhaps the easiest way to convert PDF to JPG or other image formats is to use the online converter. Here you only have to upload the PDF and get the result immediately. A good example is pdf to image .

And if you want to go the opposite way and convert images back to PDFs, the following page is the right approach: image to pdf .

How to simply edit a PDF document by converting it to Word

PDF is the standard format for document exchange because it can be created from almost any text program. But what if you want to edit a PDF with Word or LibreOffice?

The Portable Document format is an invention by Adobe that continues to create, edit, and read PDFs using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader software. But quite a few years ago the company released the format, which triggered a flood of alternative PDF software, and also led to almost every manufacturer of Office programs incorporating export and import filters into its products. This also applies to Microsoft, which, after some hesitation, integrated PDF into Word & Co., as well as for the communities around LibreOffice and OpenOffice. However, while the creation of PDFs is now easily possible, you encounter difficulties when importing and converting the format into editable text documents.

Online Converter:

A fast and good solution deliver online converter like . The generated PDFs show good formatting and the tool is also easy to use with PDFs that do not contain editable text. However, sometimes the whole process is a bit slow.
The offline Solution: Convert PDF to LibreOffice
LibreOffice also brings an import filter for PDF files. Since then you can use “file-> Open” to load and edit each PDF file in the text processing write. LibreOffice converts the format for this purpose to ODT. This takes several minutes for large, complex documents, but the result can be convincing: all elements were correctly recognized in the test, images and texts could be easily edited. Only drawback: LibreOffice treats the individual pages of the PDF as ODF drawings and saves the document in ODG format rather than as a write file. It is therefore often better to back up the PDF as a PDF file as well. LibreOffice brings a corresponding export function.
Alternatively, you can access an online tool to convert PDF to ODT.
If a conversion is necessary in the other direction, following PDF to DOC and PDF to DOCX converters deliver the solution:

Four useful online tools you cannot miss out when dealing with PDFs

Working with PDF files is very common. Most of us do it, but the reality is that sometimes you need the content from that PDF file in another format. We understand that which is why we have created a list with some of the best conversion tools that will help you handle your PDF file the way you want to.

PDF to Word conversion

What makes this app stand out is the fact that you can transform your PDF file to Word, which is an extremely popular format. In addition, this also means you are always in control when it comes to the value and quality of your PDF tool. You can transform a single file at a time however, so if you have more than one you need to convert them individually. However, it’s a very fast tool and one that will bring in front rewarding results all the time no matter what happens.

PDF to HTML conversion

Sometimes you need your PDF content in a HTML tool. If that’s the case, then the best thing that you can do is to access this conversion tool. The entire process is very fast, you can handle the file in just a few minutes without any problems. And the best part is that you can feel free to handle the entire conversion process at your own pace, without any problems.

PDF to Text conversion

This tool does a very good job at helping you convert to not one, but two formats. If you want DOCX conversion, you can easily access that via this app. Or you can go with regular TXT conversion. The results are always very good, just because you are always in control and you can easily adapt and adjust everything to suit your needs. It’s important to know what you are getting into, and the outcome will shine quite a bit in that perspective.

Split a PDF into its single pages

Of course, there are also situations when you need to split a PDF file into single pages. If that’s the case, the SplitPDF tool can help. What this does is it will take your file and split it into pages at your own leisure. You will have multiple files ready to download, all of which were a part of the original file.

The best part about using all these tools is that they make it easy to handle your PDF files online. You don’t have to download any PDF solution, and these tools are available free of charge. That really goes to show the value and quality you get from such features. We encourage you to give these amazing tools a shot right away if you want the best value and quality on the market. Rest assured that you will not be disappointed if you start using these tools, as they offer you an amazing way to handle every PDF file at your own pace!

How to download a video from YouTube?

YouTube is one of the most popular websites that you can find out there. It allows you to obtain the very best videos free of charge. The only problem with this site is that it doesn’t allow you to download any of the videos if you want to. That’s obviously going to be a problem if you like to download videos and use them as you see fit. Thankfully, there are some third-party solutions to do that.

Why download YouTube videos?

There are many reasons why it makes sense to download a video from YouTube. First, not everyone has internet anywhere. If you lack an internet connection for a while, you do want to download as many videos as you can in order to watch while you are away. So that’s why it makes a lot of sense to focus on efficiency and value as much as you can. It all comes down to handling this correctly and once you tackle all of that the results will be more than ok no matter the situation.

Can you retain the YouTube video quality?

That depends on what video solution you use. Online Video Converter is one of the best YouTube downloaders out there and it can easily help you convert the video you want fast and easy. The entire process is designed with convenience and quality in mind, and this will always give you the value and efficiency that you need.

Online Video Converter can provide you with immediate YouTube link to video conversion. And the best part is that there are no limits when it comes to how many conversions you can do. This is really one of the coolest features you can have for sure, and it does bring in front some good ideas for you to check out all the time.

How can you download YouTube videos?

The first thing you want to do is to visit Once you are there you have to choose the option to convert a video link. You then have to add your YouTube link in there.

After you do that, you need to select the format that you want as an output. If you want to use this on a certain device, there might be some device restrictions. This is why you really have to study the entire process to ensure that everything works the way you want in no time.

Start the conversion process once you chose the right options and wait until everything is completed. That’s all there is to it. Now you can use the desired video wherever you want

In the end it’s not that hard to convert the YouTube video you want. You just have to find the right option and the results will be more than ok. With help from a tool like Online Video Converter you can totally do wonders, all you need is to make the right choice and the outcome can be great. One thing is certain, you should consider downloading videos from YouTube if needed, and the best part is that you can easily choose the desired format as well!

But be aware when downloading anything form Youtube: The content may be protected by copyright. You should check the copyright situation before downloading anything!