Scientillion, the Best Way to Search for Physics and Science Articles

The Internet is a beautiful place. A simple search in Google or any other search engine will yield thousands of results within seconds. Even though major search engines have powerful features, they are designed for general searches. Scientists and researchers who are looking for physics and science articles are often left on their own to find what they are searching for.

There are lots of academic search engines online, but most of them focus on a single field of expertise. There are also search engines that provide citations from multiple fields. But the downside is that some search engines are subscription based. There are only a couple of search engines that are available for free. Researchers, who can’t find what they are looking for with the use of free search engines, will use computers in a college or university that are subscribed to academic search engines of their discipline. School libraries often have a list of the academic search engines they are subscribed to in their websites.

The good news is that there is a search engine that has been designed for the needs of the scientists. And the best thing about it is that it is free to use. Scientillion makes it possible for users to make searches based on formulas or any other scientific term. This is useful for researchers who are required to do a lot of physics and science searches online. The search engine can look through thousands of e-prints of scientific papers from all fields of science that include astronomy, computer science, biology mathematics, and physics, just to name a few. In order to have a successful science project, the researcher needs to read a lot of scientific literature that are relevant to their study. And in order to find the scientific articles, they can use Scientillion.

The search engine maintains an online formula database to make it easier for users who are looking for specific formulas. While Google and other search engines allow users to search for formulas, they are not able to render the mathematical syntax properly. Scientillion utilises a technology that allows the rendering of both code and text in the search results. The scientific search engine also provides interfaces to top scientific publications, such as Scientillion also allows real time search of the text within the scientific publications.
Scientillion is a great tool for scientists and researchers. It saves them a lot of time on their research. Even in its Alpha Version, Scientillion is a powerful tool to learn about the publications that are pertinent for your study. It strives to be the go-to source for scientific queries on the Internet. It provides a great service to students, researchers, and the scientific community in general.

The site is available under the following address: Scientillion – The ArXiv and Physics Search Engine<