Help, My Server Reboots Randomly! What Could Be the Causes?

There are times when misfortune strikes when you least expect it. Server reboots can make your life a living hell. At first you might panic a bit as you try to find out what causes the server to reboot on its own. It is hard to keep calm when your system has become unstable. There are many reasons why a server reboots randomly. When it happens to your server, check out the tips below and find out the real cause of the reboots.

Check Wattage of Power Supply

One of the reasons why servers become unstable is the lack of juice that flows in the system. The power supply is one of the most important components in the server because it delivers the needed power for the other parts of the system to work. A defective or inadequate PSU can cause random reboots or hangs. Common issues with a power supply include stopping to work; output is not the specified wattage, or overheating. There are also times when the output is less than the total energy consumption of the components.


Picture of a Google Data Center (Foto: Google)

Look at the Bios Settings

There are times when problems with the BIOS can cause random reboots. That’s why it is vital that you check the BIOS setting to rule out the BIOS as the root of your server’s problems. There are instances when an empty BIOS battery has made a system instable. You can also program the boots and shutdowns of the server through the BIOS settings. Sometimes a problem with the server can be solved by updating the BIOS.

Monitor Temperature of the Server

Another issue that you should consider when your server reboots randomly is overheating. When your system overheats, the server will crash or reboot on its own. You should monitor the temperature of your system and find out whether it is overheating or not.

Check Power Connections

There are times when the connection of the server to the electricity supply is the problem. Make sure that it is plugged in properly into the outlet. You should also check if the mains lead is plugged completely into the back of the system. If the server is plugged into a UPS, make sure that the UPS is not the problem. Try to plug the system directly into an outlet and see if the reboots still occur.

Check Transistors of the Motherboard

Random reboots can be caused by bad hardware. Check whether all the transistors of the motherboard are okay or if they are burnt. If you find burnt transistors, you can either replace them or replace the motherboard as a whole.

Check the RAM

The server might be rebooting because it lacks RAM. You might not have noticed, but one of your RAMs might not be functioning anymore. Test your RAMs to find out if they are still in good working condition.

If you have gone through all the above and still experience random reboots, then the last resort is to remove all the components and connections, and rebuild the server. This is to ensure that the cause of the reboots is not loose connections.

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