The Link Building Strategies which will hold in 2015

In a nutshell, link building is getting other websites to link to your website to improve the site’s rankings in search engines. Take note that Google will punish your site if you have too many spam links. Be careful how you implement your link building campaign. You might raise a red flag, and this can affect your page ranking. Below are useful tips in coming up with your link building strategies in 2014.

Avoid Link Networks

One of the most important tips to help you formulate link building strategies in 2014 is to avoid link networks. Google consider links from link networks as low quality and will be bad for your own website. The search engine giant has warned against the use of such schemes, and that’s why you should avoid them.

Stop Guest Blogging

Since the start off 2014, Google has turned its attention to guest blogging, especially the low-quality ones. The search engine considers the practice to be spammy and no longer good unlike in the past. Guest posts that have inauthentic or rehashed content are greatly discouraged by Google. So it will be a bad idea to consider guest blogging as part of your link building strategy.

Do not provoke your site getting hit by the Penguin: The so called penguin algorithm by Google punishes sites with spammy link building approaches.

Directories have Less Impact than before

Automated directory submissions should be avoided and must not be part of your link building strategies in 2014. When you use such service, you don’t have any control on where your links will come from. The practice provides more risks than rewards.

Questions and Answers are Good for Link Building

Question and Answers sites, such as Yahoo Answers and Quora, are good for link building. You can also use the sites as sources of inspiration for contents of your blog. You can check the top questions on Yahoo Answers and look for ones that you can answer better. Then write a blog post with as much helpful info as possible. After posting the article, summarise your post as an answer to the question in Yahoo Answers and leave a link to your blog post.

Write Unique Content

Unique content is one of the tried and tested ways to earn traffic and back links. That’s why it should be included in your link building strategies in 2014. Quality content will attract shares, links, and traffic.

Write Testimonials

You can earn media links when you write testimonials. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. You must also do it for products that you actually like. This will ensure that you give out a genuine feel about the product and not just a generic testimonial.

Do Social Marketing

Link building strategies in 2014 and 2015 must include social marketing. Social networks allow you to engage your audience and in turn they will share links from your website that they find interesting. You should be more active in your social networks, especially Google Plus.

No Follow Links Counts in Link Building

In general, Google doesn’t give any importance to No Follow links. The website doesn’t get any Page Rank benefits from them, but that doesn’t mean that they are unimportant. A link is still a link, and they can bring traffic as long as people see them. Plus, other search engines might handle No Follow links differently.

Add a Blog to Keep Website Fresh with New Content

Content is king when it comes to online marketing, and there’s no better way to have fresh content than running a blog. That’s why starting or maintaining a blog should be one of the link building strategies in 2014 and beyond.

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